The Webinar Blueprint: A ChatGPT Guide to Crafting Compelling Webinar Presentations

This free guide provides example ChatGPT prompts and worksheets for recording generated content. By the end, you will have generated content for a slide deck, script, or outline for your webinar.

Hi, I'm Jennifer

I help content and course creators who are struggling with their slide deck and presentation skills in the virtual environment.

I will teach you how to craft a clear message, engage with the audience, and create impressive visuals.

Do you dread giving presentations even though it will boost your business?

Convey a Clear Message

Never again wonder if the audience understands your product or service.

Engage Your Audience

Get direct, live feedback, comments, and questions despite presenting virtually.

Create Impressive Visuals

From your background to lighting to slide deck, look put together and professional.


Make a solid presentation plan and be prepared to cover the exact content you need cover.


Know how to cater a speech to specific audiences without losing your core message.


Create quality slide decks to be the supporting visual aid they are meant to be.

Trish Alexander


Jennifer is amazing. First, she is really good at what she does. I was a little embarrassed by my own slide decks, so I hired her to upgrade, update, and enhance them. They turned out better than I could have asked for. Jennifer offered me two different modifications and while I loved them both, one was exactly what I would have created if I was as creative and clear as Jennifer. Secondly, while it's easy to say you can do it yourself, presenting your products is like your smile, people decide in the first 4 seconds if they will like you—Jennifer's work ensures that your presentations won't be a barrier, or even a hesitation to purchase your products & services. Jennifer will be a part of my dream team as I expand my business, it's money very well spent and she is a joy to work with in all ways.

Trish Alexander Founder, Sports-Preneur

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