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Biggest drawbacks about not finding quality leads and keeping current clients.


Do you feel like all you’re doing is churning your wheels to find clients or keep your existing clients?


Are you worried you can’t grow your business beyond the few clients you already have?


Do you secretly wonder if you’ll ever have a successful coaching business?

I'm Here to Help

Jennifer Sharkey, Masterclass Maven

Many female coaches I talk to, who’ve been in business for a couple of years, are either still struggling to find quality leads and clients or find that they are plateauing with the number of clients they have. Some are even struggling to keep clients once their initial coaching package wraps up.

Did you know that masterclasses and webinars are one of the fastest ways to grow your contact list and provide transformative value at the same time? Almost all businesses, across most industries, consider virtual events a key strategy to generate leads and nurture existing clients. However, audience expectations are high. And if you aren’t delivering a high-quality masterclass or webinar, then participants won’t sign-up or buy your programming and services.

I have 10+ years of experience presenting virtually and know what it’s like to have no one register, show up, or buy from your offer. I’d love to show you the proven strategies I've discovered that make every masterclass and webinar generate results.

Signature Workshop Series

From Unsure to Unstoppable: The Art of Masterclasses & Webinars

In just 12 weeks, this immersive, high touch group program will take you from struggling to succeeding by showing you how to establish a foundation for quality webinars or masterclasses, identify strategies for marketing your message, building out content, and finally, giving your webinar or masterclass to a live audience. To learn all the details and sign up for one of the limited spots in the next cohort, click the button below.

Discover the proven strategies that establish you as an authority in your niche, let you connect authentically with leads and clients, and get to ‘Yes, sign me up please!’ faster. Finally, begin to build the business that will create the life you want for yourself and family.

What other's are saying...


As a presenter, Jennifer is genuine and on point. Her virtual presentation was the most engaging in the entire series I moderated this year.


Event Media Manager


Jennifer is amazing and really good at what she does. Her work ensures that your virtual presentations won't be a barrier to clients purchasing your products & services.


Sports Coach

I realized I wasn't leveraging as best as I could the tools available to me. The tricks and strategies she showed me now ensures I will have future success.


Coaching Specialist

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Three steps to Finding Quality Leads

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Must Know Strategies for

Creating Engaging Webinars

In this 18-page guide discover simple techniques, common mistakes to avoid, and even some insider secrets.

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