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Calming Public Speaking Nerves

woman overcoming fear of public speaking

A large number of people find public speaking terrifying – it is reported that over 70% of people in the US have a fear of public speaking. As a result, many prefer to avoid it if all possible. However, it’s very likely that at some time in your career and life you will be asked to make a presentation. Being a little nervous, means you want to do well. But being overly nervous or scared is a problem. Here’s a few tips to follow to help you overcome your nervousness or fear to give informative and memorable presentations.

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How to Give a Great Speech

featured image at top of post: large conference room

A good speech is probably the most effective tool for delivering your message. Unlike an interview, a speech gives you a chance to prepare what you want to say and how to say it. You make the points you want to make; in the order you want to make them. It gives you the opportunity […]

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