About Me

Learn and build your skills related to:

  • Preparation strategies
  • Taming fear and anxiety
  • Developing great slide decks
  • Techniques for engaging the audience
  • Understanding the technology

In the age of Zoom, Microsoft Teams, WebEx, Facebook Live, Instagram Stories and TV, and YouTube, presenting digitally has become the norm.
Are you prepared to give engaging presentations in this environment?
On this website and via my online courses, you can hone all aspects of your presentation skills and flourish in a digital setting.

I draw from my 15+ years as an instructor, academic, and librarian (see my curriculum vitae) to provide content that is understandable and easy to apply.

I’ve learned how to adapt my skills to be as good of a speaker as I am in person and even thrive.

Advising, teaching, and technology were always intertwined throughout my professional career. Over the years, I’ve gained an appreciation for how technology can impact the learner and audience experience. However, technology is only one aspect of quality presentation skills.

Being an engaging speaker and having an engaged audience requires a multifaceted approach.

As a child, I was shy and an introvert. I was perfectly comfortable being by myself.

Having high-need, hyperactive siblings, I think my mother was secretly relieved I could be left alone, and she didn’t have to worry.

Unfortunately, as I got older and when it came to making friends, navigating the social structures of middle and high school, and interacting with strangers at parties, angst and anxiety was always present.

A shy and anxious person is not someone you picture as a good public speaker.

However, by the time I went to college, I'd won a speaking contest, had a lead role in a school play, won several demonstration blue ribbons at the 4-H County Fair, and presented to multiple Rotary Clubs as an international exchange student.

As a  professional, I've presented to groups of 5 people all the way up to 5000.

How was a shy, introverted child able to excel at public speaking?

Practice, persistence, practice, professional development, practice, honing tech skills, and practice. Yes, I practiced a lot! I still do.

The Webinar Blueprint:

A ChatGPT Guide to Crafting Compelling Webinar Presentations