I'm jennifer Sharkey

As the Masterclass Maven, I teach female coaches how to create quality masterclasses as a method to grow their brand and business. My unique approach helps you effectively integrate masterclasses and webinars within your business, present engaging content, and connect authentically with potential clients.

20 years
of experience

Why Am I Qualified To Do This Work?

Being passionate about seeing people shine and be heard, I lean into my 20 years of public speaking experience to draw inspiration.

My unique immersive programs provides practical strategies and methods to build confidence, engage audiences, and generate authenticity and authority in your niche.

It empowers you to step confidently into the virtual spotlight, sharing your wisdom in a way that resonates authentically. You never need to worry about finding quality leads and potential clients.


Received 1st Public Speaking Award

Age 9

Started presenting virtually


Started using Zoom


Zoom consultant for local college


Virtual Coach Certified


Practical and Easy-to-Use Framework

I'm commited to providing actionable strategies that yield tangible results in a relatively short time frame.

Masterclass Magic

I prepare clients for the evolving virtual landscape to ensure each masterclass or webinar is relevant to their ideal customer.

Individualized & Immersive Learning Experience

I tailor my guidance and coaching to the unique needs and strengths of each client ensuring they are learning and implementing what they need.

Jennifer's Story / About

One of fastest ways to grow a list and connect with quality leads that turn into clients and customers is giving high quality and high value masterclasses and webinars. Today, it’s easier than ever to do a masterclass or webinar. But there is so much noise! Standing out from the crowd requires specific knowledge and strategies.

As I embarked on my journey to become a Masterclass Maven, I was in for a surprise. I assumed I could step from giving academic conference presentations right into selling coaching packages related to presenting online

I, of course, stumbled and struggled. I barely had an email list. I’d offer my own free webinars but no one registered or showed up. I wasn’t getting any leads. And without leads, I didn’t have any customers.

It was frustrating because I had success as an academic. I had given over 100 formal presentations to audiences ranging from exclusive groups of 5 up to crowds of 5000. I constantly worried about how to reach more people. Many times, I thought about quitting.

But I knew I could contribute in a positive way and help others develop their authentic voice through masterclasses and webinars. To introduce a proven method so they could provide meaningful impact for their clients and customers. So, I buckled down and applied my research skills to study others who had success.

What evolved was my own unique framework that incorporates a variety of tools, methods, and strategies for having successful masterclasses and webinars. Success that enables you to authentically establish your authority, generate high quality leads, and grow your business. The framework blends tried and true methods with current trends ensuring you are always relevant to potential leads and clients.

Ready to connect with more quality leads and potential clients? Book a free Masterclass Blueprint Session so you can get a crystal-clear vision on how masterclasses and webinars can help you grow your coaching business.



As a presenter, Jennifer is genuine and on point. Her virtual workshop was the most engaging in the entire series I moderated this year.


Event Media Manager


Jennifer is amazing and really good at what she does. Her work ensures that your webinars won't be a barrier to clients purchasing your products & services.


Sports Coach

I realized I wasn't leveraging as best as I could the tools available to me. The tricks and strategies she showed me now ensures I will have future success.


Coaching Specialist

Avoid Being (and Sounding) Boring
and Losing Audience Interest

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