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5 Powerful Visuals for Content Creation

Importance of Visual Content​As you are establishing your social media networks, do not overlook the power of visual content as a method of engaging and connecting with your target audience. In the English language, we have numerous sayings that point to the connection of the visual to our emotions, beliefs, and memory — e.g. A […]

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Why Quality Design is My Passion

​The other day, a business colleague asked me how I become so passionate about quality design. I needed to think about this question because ‘design’ has been a part of who I am for such a long time. To be honest, every component of my professional life is connected to design.​As a child, and like […]

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Are Resolutions or Goals Necessary? Thoughts for a New Year or Any Time of the Year

analog clock night

​​QuicK TOC ​Introduction​Have Intent​Know the Why​Be Realistic​Conclusion ​No matter the time of year, we often talk about setting resolutions, goals, or outcomes. Yet, we rarely follow through ​and achieve them. Here are three strategies that will help you be successful.​IntroductionAs we prepare for a new year, I can’t help but to provide my own thoughts […]

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