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February 12, 2024

4 Interactive Activities to Revive Your Webinars and Participants Will Love


During your webinars are you struggling to hold the attention of participants? Do those attending tune out, leaving you with low engagement and disappointing results? You're not alone. The low engagement plagues countless webinars, leading to lost opportunities and frustrated attendees. Not to worry! You can revive your webinars and captivate your audience with the power of interactive activities.

In today's dynamic landscape, engagement is the cornerstone of comprehensive and transformative learning. Webinars, once relegated to one-way information dumps, can now be powerful catalysts for growth through the power of interactive learning.

In educational and business training circles, this is a stand methodology. For folks who are new to giving webinars and masterclass, this a key approach. Ignoring it will lead to fewer client and sales. Essentially, leaving money (and connection) on the table.

Imagine webinars where…

  • Participants actively engage with information, not just passively receive it.
  • A vibrant community emerges, fostering connections and shared experiences.
  • Content becomes deeply relevant, directly addressing the needs of your audience.
  • Transformative learning takes root, leading to lasting change and impact.

This isn't a scenario for only established coaches and speakers. Anyone can facilitate this this  type of webinar by unlocking the power of interactive activities.

According to Ebbinghaus’s Forgetting Curve research, we forget about 70% of new knowledge within 24 hours of learning it. The good news is that that interactive learning methods can boost knowledge retention. And more importantly, they provide a learning experience that is high value and impact leading greater transformation.

What are interactive activities?

It's more than just asking a few questions at the end, giving a one-way talk, or requiring only passive listening. It's about creating a dynamic, engaging experience that fosters active participation at every stage. Some examples of interactive activities include:

  • Live polls and quizzes
  • Collaborative activities
  • Journaling prompts
  • Guided meditations

Spark Real-Time Conversations with Live Polls and Q&A

This strategy helps you gauge understanding and spark real-time discussions. Use these tips to make them stand out.

  • Go beyond basic polls. Craft engaging questions that gauge understanding, spark debate, and surface diverse perspectives.
  • Don't wait for the end. Integrate live Q&A throughout your presentation, giving participants a voice and fostering dialogue.
  • Utilize tools: Leverage audience response systems or platforms with built-in polling and Q&A features.

Build Community with Collaborative Activities

By using this technique participants work together to solve problems and apply the concepts they are learning. Here are a few options for incorporating collaboration into your webinar.

  • Break the mold of individual learning. Facilitate breakout rooms for brainstorming, group discussions, or problem-solving activities.
  • Embrace virtual whiteboards. Allow participants to co-create diagrams, mind maps, or visual summaries, fostering shared understanding.
  • Incorporate collaborative games or challenges. Make learning fun and engaging with quizzes or interactive exercises.

Deepen Individual Journeys with Journaling Prompts

Integrating and encouraging reflection and personalized learning journeys create a unique experience for each participant. It enables them to connect what you are conveying to their own situation. When considering this approach keep these tips in mind.

  • Move beyond surface-level engagement. Offer prompts that encourage reflection, personal application, and critical thinking.
  • Align prompts with your content. Encourage participants to connect the dots between presented concepts and their own experiences.
  • Provide optional sharing opportunities. Create a safe space for participants to share their insights, fostering deeper connection.

Guide Self-Awareness with Powerful Meditations

Many clients for various reason are seeking deepened self-awareness and connect to the content on a deeper level. While a more advanced strategy, this approach can provide profound transformation and impact.

  • Go beyond just information delivery. Offer guided meditations to help participants connect with the material on a deeper level.
  • Focus on relevant themes. Use meditations to promote stress reduction, focus enhancement, or emotional processing related to your topic.
  • Ensure accessibility. Offer a variety of options catering to different preferences and meditation experience levels.


Remember, providing a high impact and transformative webinar through engagement and interactive activities is a methodology that should be integrated to every virtual event you do. For a truly memorable experience for participants, use more than one strategy.

It’s important to integrate these activities seamlessly and strategically throughout your webinar. Make sure you monitor feedback, adapt your approach, and continuously refine the implantation of the interactive learning experience. This will help you improve and create an exceptional experience for your participants.

With these powerful strategies, you can revive your webinars, captivate your audience, and create transformative learning experiences that leave a lasting impact. Ready to ignite participant engagement? Start incorporating these interactive activities into your next webinar.

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Jennifer Sharkey is known as the Virtual Presentation Specialist. Being passionate about seeing people shine and be heard, she leans into her 20+ years of public speaking experience and uses what she has learned from presenting, both in-person and virtually, to small groups all the way up to 5000 people. Jennifer draws from her experience as an associate professor, academic librarian, and coach to help holistic coaches master virtual presentations to grow their business. Her unique immersive program provides practical strategies and methods to build confidence, engage audiences, and generate authenticity and authority.

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