White Space Is Not Your Enemy Book Review

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Book cover of White Space is not Your Enemy by Rebecca Hagen and Kim Golombisky What’s in the Review IntroductionThe Book ReviewConclusionRelated Reviews Visual Design Solutions Book Review The Non-designer’s Design Book Book Review IntroductionThe third edition of White Space Is Not Your Enemy or as the authors titled WSINYE in the first and second […]

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Presentation Zen Design Book Review

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In this review, I am examining the book Presentation Zen Design: Simple Design Principles and Techniques To Enhance Your Presentations, second edition by Garr Reynolds. The first edition of this book was published shortly after the author’s standout book, Presentation Zen: Simple Ideas on Presentation Design and Delivery. While Presentation Zen is an excellent introduction […]

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Presentation Zen Book Review

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​Book cover of ​Presentation ​Zen by ​Garr Reynolds ​What’s in the Review ​Introduction​Overview of the Book​Section One: Introduction​Section Two: Preparation​Section Three: Design​Section Four: Delivery​Section Five: The next step​Related Reviews slide:ology Book Review Better PowerPoint Book Review Clear and to The Point Book Review ​Introduction​This is one of the first books that piqued my interest in […]

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The Non-designer’s Design Book Book Review

​Book cover of ​The Non-Designer’s Design Book by ​Robin Williams ​What’s in the Review ​Introduction​Overview of the Book​Part One: Design Principles​Part Two: Designing with Type​Part Three: A Few Extras​Conclusion​Related Reviews Visual Design Solutions Book Review White Space Is Not Your Enemy Book Review ​Introduction​This slim book is packed with practical advice and examples. When I […]

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5 Powerful Visuals for Content Creation

Importance of Visual Content​As you are establishing your social media networks, do not overlook the power of visual content as a method of engaging and connecting with your target audience. In the English language, we have numerous sayings that point to the connection of the visual to our emotions, beliefs, and memory — e.g. A […]

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Why Quality Design is My Passion

​The other day, a business colleague asked me how I become so passionate about quality design. I needed to think about this question because ‘design’ has been a part of who I am for such a long time. To be honest, every component of my professional life is connected to design.​As a child, and like […]

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