Presentation Zen Book Review

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​Book cover of ​Presentation ​Zen by ​Garr Reynolds ​What’s in the Review ​Introduction​Overview of the Book​Section One: Introduction​Section Two: Preparation​Section Three: Design​Section Four: Delivery​Section Five: The next step​Related Reviews slide:ology Book Review Better PowerPoint Book Review Clear and to The Point Book Review ​Introduction​This is one of the first books that piqued my interest in […]

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The Non-designer’s Design Book Book Review

​Book cover of ​The Non-Designer’s Design Book by ​Robin Williams ​What’s in the Review ​Introduction​Overview of the Book​Part One: Design Principles​Part Two: Designing with Type​Part Three: A Few Extras​Conclusion​Related Reviews Visual Design Solutions Book Review White Space Is Not Your Enemy Book Review ​Introduction​This slim book is packed with practical advice and examples. When I […]

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Why Quality Design is My Passion

​The other day, a business colleague asked me how I become so passionate about quality design. I needed to think about this question because ‘design’ has been a part of who I am for such a long time. To be honest, every component of my professional life is connected to design.​As a child, and like […]

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Are Resolutions or Goals Necessary? Thoughts for a New Year or Any Time of the Year

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​​QuicK TOC ​Introduction​Have Intent​Know the Why​Be Realistic​Conclusion ​No matter the time of year, we often talk about setting resolutions, goals, or outcomes. Yet, we rarely follow through ​and achieve them. Here are three strategies that will help you be successful.​IntroductionAs we prepare for a new year, I can’t help but to provide my own thoughts […]

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