How to Avoid Being (and Sounding) Boring
and Losing Your Webinar Audience

Must Know Strategies for Creating Engaging Webinars

This 18-page guide includes

  • 5 simple techniques you can use to create engaging webinars
  • How to avoid the 4 most common mistakes made by holistic coaches
  • 3 insider secrets that can help you have deeper, authentic connection with your audience
  • The TRUTH about virtual presentations and why holistic coaches usually fail at creating engaging webinars
Jennifer Sharkey

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What's included in
the 4 Powerful Strategies
for Creating Engaging Webinars

Eliminate your faraway dream of an engaged and participative audience by implementing tried-and-tested techniques for creating engaging webinars.

Avoid common as well as costly mistakes that could prevent you from achieving your goals of providing profound and transformative impact for your clients.

In a short span of time, establish a deeper, authentic connection with your clients by utilizing these little know virtual presentation techniques.

Identify a key consequence of not taking action to improve your skill set and leverage available systems to help you integrate engaging webinars into your overall business strategy.

What They Say About Jennifer Sharkey


As a presenter, Jennifer is genuine and on point. Her virtual presentation was the most engaging in the entire series I moderated this year.


Event Media Manager


Jennifer is amazing and really good at what she does. Her work ensures that your virtual presentations won't be a barrier to clients purchasing your products & services.


Sports Coach

I realized I wasn't leveraging as best as I could the tools available to me. The tricks and strategies she showed me now ensures I will have future success.


Coaching Specialist

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