PowerPoint Home Tab Overview

To help you be more proficient, this video gives an overview of the PowerPoint Home tab. You will learn the difference between the Ribbon and Tabs, what is the Home Tab, and the Tab Groups with the Home Tab: Clipboard Group, Slides Group, Font Group, Paragraph Group, Drawing Group, Editing Group, and Designer Group.

Introduction to the PowerPoint Home Tab

In this post, I am going to overview the Home Tab on the PowerPoint Ribbon.

In case you aren’t sure, the Ribbon is all of the tabs, tools, & buttons at the top of the edit window. The tabs have different functions and tools for the various aspects of creating a presentation and slideshow.

The Home tab is the default tab when you start creating a new presentation. This tab is separated into different editing groups. These vary slightly between Windows and Mac. They are labeled in Windows but not Mac.

The groups are

  • Clipboard
  • Slides
  • Font
  • Paragraph
  • Drawing
  • Editing
  • Designer
  • and Adobe Acrobat, if you have that installed.

The Windows version also includes a Voice group. And the Undo / Redo buttons to the far left. Let’s explore the common groups between the two platforms.

Explanation of the Home Tab Groups

If you’ve used any Microsoft Office app before, the Clipboard tools function the same across all of them. It includes Paste, Copy, and Cut. The Mac version (?) includes the Paintbrush which is a shortcut tool to apply formatting to text.

The Slides group is what you use to insert new slides and change slide layouts. It includes the Insert new slide button and menu.

The Layout button allows you to change a slide’s layout. The Add Section button is useful if you have a large slide deck and want an added level of organization

The Font group functions the same as other Office Apps Here you can change the font family, size, alignment, color, and other attributes like bold.

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