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Customize PowerPoint Designer Suggestions


1 Must Know Trick (2022)

If you are frustrated with PowerPoint Designer (Design Ideas) and want to have more control over the suggestions, use this one trick to make customization to your slides. You will learn how to display the Selection Pane, modify the Shape Fill, hide an object, discover a new feature for customizing a suggestion, and how to use a new feature .

Do you want to elevate your PowerPoint slide designs? Here is one must know trick when using PowerPoint Designer.

Like many of you, I use PowerPoint Designer on a regular basis. However, it can be a bit frustrating when the designs aren't exactly what you want or need. Maybe you want to change colors of shapes, hide specific elements, or even move them. Fortunately, using the Selection Pane lets you modify a design suggestion.

Let me show you how it works.

Apply a design suggestion. Select an object and click the Format Tab. Click the Selection Pane button. The panel to the right will list all of the objects on the slide. The name of the object is a clue as what it is.

To modify a shape color, select it in the Selection Pane. Click the Shape Fill option and change the color.

To hide an object, select it in the Selection Pane. Click the small eye icon to the far right of the object name.

This next option has me really excited. It's a fairly new feature update. And as far as I can tell, right now it is only available to Windows 365 subscribers. Fingers crossed it will be rolled out to Mac users soon.

On the Selection pane, To the far right of each object there is a lock icon. For some objects it might be locked and others unlocked. Most Design Ideas objects will be locked. This prevents you from moving them on the slide.

Just click the lock to unlock the object. Now you can move it anywhere you like. You can also resize the object if you want.

I'd love to hear from you in the comments if you use this feature and what you either like or dislike about it.

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