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How to use the beautiful ai PowerPoint add-in (2023)

Get the best of both worlds

the familiarity of powerpoint and smart slides from Beautiful.ai.

In this video I will demonstrate the Beautiful.ai add-in for powerpoint.

Create a beautiful.ai account

First, you will need a Beautiful.ai account

If you don't have one, you start a free 14-trial trial

and then use the free Basic account once the trial ends.

Getting the Add-in

Within PowerPoint, click the Insert tab

and then click the Get Add-ins button

In the search box of the pop-up window, type Beautiful.ai

and press the Search button or the Return/Enter key

The first one on the list should be the official add-in

Click the Add button

If prompted, click Continue to agree to their terms of use.

beautiful.ai panel

In the Home tab, a Beautiful.ai button will also appear.

A right panel will appear with a prompt to Sign in

Click the button to sign in

You will be redirected to the website

Back if PowerPoint, if the sign-in doesn't seem to work

click the Beautiful.ai button to close the panel

and then click is again to open it.

that should resolve the issue.

Add a smart slide

Within the panel, you will see an add slide button

click the button to insert a smart slide

If Beautiful.ai doesn't recognize the fonts of your slide deck

you will be prompted to select new fonts for headings and body text.

Beautiful.ai uses web fonts and may not recognize Microsoft's default fonts.

If you have the font files, you can upload them or

Select from the options provided

At this point, you can also change your color scheme and slide background

The colors shown are from the color scheme selected within PowerPoint

Using your custom or brand color scheme

If you have a custom or brand colors you want to use

set that color scheme in PowerPoint before you click the beautiful.ai add slide button

Click the More Options button for more customizations of color scheme, font, and layout

Click the Done button when you are ready to move on to the next step

Choosing a Smart Slide layout

You are provided smart slide options

Click the one you want

From there choose a style

The slide will be generated within Beautiful.ai first

If you want to make edits within Beautiful.ai you can

You can change the slide color, layout, decorative elements or even switch the smart slide

Additionally, you can change the content like the images, font characteristics, the actual text.

If you have a Pro, Team, or Enterprise account you can use DesignerBot to rewrite the text for you.

Adding to PowerPoint slide deck

When ready, click the the Save button

Choose how you want to save the slide

either as an editable powerpoint slide

or to Save as an image

For this example, I am choosing Save as editable powerpoint slide

Click the Save to PPT button

Once processed the slide will appear in the thumbnail pane within PowerPoint

Continue this process to build out your slide deck

If you have a Pro, Team, or Enterprise account

you can use the DesignerBot AI feature to generate each slide for you.

Editing slide content within PowerPoint

Once your slides are created,

edit the slides like you normally would within PowerPoint.

Everything from the images to the text to the slide color can be changed.

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