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Importing PowerPoint Slides into Beautiful.ai (2023)

Should you bother with the PowerPoint import feature in Beautiful.ai?

In this video I will show you how it works and my take on this feature.

How to Import PowerPoint Slides

In beautiful.ai click the Create a new presentation button

Choose a theme

and click the create presentation button in bottom right corner

Once created, click the Add Slide button

In the left sidebar, click the Import from ppt button

Click the Select File button

Navigate to the file location

Select the file and click the Open button

The system will generate the slide presentation

You will be provided an option to import another file

or select the slide you want to add to your slide deck

To select all of the slides, click the first slide, hold your shift key, and select the last slide

Click the Import Slides button at the bottom of the window

Once imported you can navigate through the slide to see how they imported.

I imported several slide decks and found overall the look and feel stayed consistent with what I created in PowerPoint.

Editing Imported Slides

To edit imported slides, the system will convert to Classic Slide edit mode

The smart slide layouts are not available with imported slides

To make edits, click the component you want to edit.

For text, beautiful.ai uses web fonts and will prompt you to select an option from a drop down list

This will prompt will display even if you use web fonts on the PowerPoint slide deck

In this example, the bulleted list was converted into an image and new text was applied over it

This odd duplicate text was embedded with the image and I couldn't figure out how to separate them.

When I attempted to edit the title slide

the background fill distorted and I had a hard time replicating the original design.

When I imported slides that were just the images,

it was easier to to add the text and get a similar look and feel although not exact

Adding images to imported text only slides was fairly straightforward

I do want to note that on several occasions I got an error message when trying to import a slide deck

You may have to try several times before an import will work

In one instance I had to log out, close my browser, and then try again.

So, should you use this feature?

Generally, I would recommend against using this feature.

If you are hoping to seamlessly convert your PowerPoint slides to the beaufiful.ai smart slides

you will be disappointed.

Due to the conversion to the Classic Slide editing, non-recognition of Microsoft fonts, and challenges with keeping your original slide design

You will end up spending more time fixing the overall look and feel.

Alternative Recommendation

I recommend you use the beautiful.ai PowerPoint Add-in.

It allows you to take advantage of the smart slide layouts and editing

and still use other PowerPoint features you may want and need.

Click the card to learn how to install and use this feature.

If you are planning to ditch PowerPoint and switch to beautiful.ai

It would be quicker for you to start from scratch.

If you plan to only show your imported slide deck via the Beautiful.ai platform

then it shouldn't be a problem.

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