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Using ChatGPT to Create PowerPoint Presentations

Create slide deck content within minutes using ChatGPT and PowerPoint.

In this video I will show how to leverage ChatGPT to produce relevant content

and then how to integrate it into PowerPoint using Microsoft Word.

Entering Your Prompt

Within ChatGPT, you want to be as specific as possible when writing your prompt.

For instance, if you went to your doctor and said

I have a pain. Can you help me?

Your doctor wouldn't be able to help with so little information.

Generative AI functions similarly.

The better the prompt the better the results

First, I am going to provide a scenario and then prompt ChatGPT for the slide content.

I will write….

I am a gardener in the Midwest interested in native plants for my landscape.

I am giving a presentation to a local garden club about how to incorporate native wildflowers into flower beds.

Create slides with bulleted points describing the benefits of using native plants in one's yard.

Once ChatGPT has generated slide content, you continue to prompt for more slide content

Here I will write….

now provide data and statistics that support the benefits of using native plants.

now add slides explaining the different types of wildflowers in the Midwest and the best growing conditions.

now add a slide listing the top five pollinators benefitting from wildflowers

now add a slide listing the top five books about native plants in the midwest.

If ChatGPT ever stops in the middle of generating content, it just means it hit its character limit.

All you need to do to prompt it to keep going and it will start again from where it left off.

Modifying in Microsoft Word

Once you are happy with the amount of content generated

Copy the text and paste it into Microsoft Word.

At this point you want to check the content for accuracy.

It is well known that ChatGPT does generate content that isn't true or doesn't exist,

so this is an important step.

Next you want to prepare the content so it can be imported into PowerPoint.

The Heading Styles in the Style Gallery on the Home tab determines where content will go on the slide.

For your slide titles, apply Heading 1

Select multiple slide titles by pressing Control or Command while highlighting

For your lists, apply Headings 2 - 6

The heading number corresponds with the indent level of the list

Here's a table matching the levels and headings. (show a table)

and here's a master slide layout matching the levels and headings. (screenshot of master slide - add heading levels with arrows)

You can also do this in Outline view.

and apply the headings using the drop down menu.

Use which ever option is easiest for you.

Once you've finished, save the file.

In Windows you can save it as a normal .docx file.

With Mac OS, save the file as an .rtf or Rich Text File.

Importing Word document into PowerPoint

Now open PowerPoint and create a new presentation.

If you plan to use a specific template, create the new presentation from the template first. [card to how to create a template]

Now in the Home tab, click the small down arrow next to the New Slide button

From the drop down menu, choose Import from Outline or just Outline on a Mac.

Navigate to the file location

Click the OK button

PowerPoint will process the content.

Once complete you can apply different slide layouts [card to layouts explained video]

or if you aren't using a template, use the Designer option to add visual interest.

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