Are You Ready to Give Your Clients Profound and Transformative Change?

From Unsure to Unstoppable:

The Art of Masterclasses & Webinars

In just 12 weeks, this immersive, high touch workshop series will take you from struggling to succeeding by showing you how to establish a foundation for quality webinars or masterclasses, identify strategies for marketing your message, building out content, and finally, giving your webinar or masterclass to a live audience.

Together we will identify the the best message for your target audience, determine your skills gaps and strengths, create a plan to market your virtual presentation, and do a practice run through.

What's Preventing You from Pressing that 'Go Live' button?

Giving a live virtual presentation like a webinar or masterclass can seem daunting and overwhelming. Are you ready to move past the anxiety?

If you're struggling with any of these aspects of presenting virtually, reach out to talk about the From Unsure to Unstoppable: The Art of Masterclasses & Webinars workshop series.

anxious in front of the camera

Have you been working hard towards your goals, but know your progress could be faster if you started using webinars and masterclasses? I provide personalized feedback and guidance to help you overcome obstacles and reach your full potential.

Uncertain about the impact of your message

Are you finding it difficult to identify what to say that has the most impact for your community? This program has specific sessions that provide a framework for developing a clear and strong message.

Risking your credibility or authority

Do you worry that if you fumble and stumble through a webinar or masterclass your credibility and authority might be questions? This coaching program provides guidance on the best strategies to use for a seamless virtual presentation.

Dealing with the technology

Are you struggling with figuring out your tech setup or which button to push? (Where is that mute button?) I provide resources and expertise to help you overcome any obstacles in your way.

Here’s What You’ll Get When You Sign Up

Once you signup for the workshop series, you will receive an email message explaining next steps, which includes the schedule and access to the workshop portal. And at the beginning of each week, you will get access to the content for that week and directions for what to work on before the group workshoping sessions.

Present with Ease

Gain the confidence to present virtually with poise and leave a lasting impression

Magnify your Message

Attract and engage potential clients with a message that resonates and builds meaningful connections

Tame the Tech

Navigate the technology with ease without getting distracted by technical challenges

Accelerate Growth

Grow your coaching business without adding hours to your work schedule

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As a presenter, Jennifer is genuine and on point. Her virtual presentation was the most engaging in the entire series I moderated this year.


Event Media Manager


Jennifer is amazing and really good at what she does. Her work ensures that your virtual presentations won't be a barrier to clients purchasing your products & services.


Sports coach


I realized I wasn't leveraging as best as I could the tools available to me. The tricks and strategies she showed me now ensures I will have future success.


Coaching Specialist

Program Specifics

   The program is composed of four main components. Each building on the next.

From Unsure to Unstoppable


The Foundations

Here we will assess your current level of experience with virtual presentations and begin building a strategy for your overall masterclass or webinar. Focusing in on your target audience, goals, and broad topic.


Developing Valuable Content

As we move into the second phase of the workshop serires, we will work together to build out the content of your masterclass or webinar including your call to action, your core story, and testimonials.


Getting the Word Out

In phase three, we will work on marketing and promotion. Here you will create marketing materials, determine a promotion timeline, and finalize your masterclass or webinar content.


Overcoming Camera Shyness

In the final phase, you will give your masterclass or webinar to a live audience but not before a practice session with me. Then in a feedback/debrief session prepare for your next virtual event.

Finally Press that 'Go Live' Button and Give a Webinar or Masterclass

Program Details

  • Length: 12 Weeks
  • Dates and Times: Set dates and times

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Certified coach


Jennifer Sharkey

Jennifer Sharkey is known as the Masterclass Maven. She has 20+ years of experience public speaking and helping others. She draws from her experience as an associate professor, academic librarian, and coach to help new, holistic female coaches master virtual presentations and gain more clients. She was using Zoom 5 years before the 2020 lock down and this enabled her to help hundreds of people with presenting remotely. Her unique immersive program helps her students gain confidence, present engaging content, and tame the tech in 12 weeks (or less).

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