You are a Beginner slide designer

You have a basic understanding of design.

Your Current Skill Set

You have familiarity with the basic functions of your preferred presentation software.

At the moment, you can apply designs that adhere to the foundational principles of design by using pre-built templates, themes, and layouts. You are eager to learn more both about design and your preferred software.

Ways to Level Up


Work on gaining a deeper understanding of design.

  • Explore the link between quality design and sharing your message.
  • Always opt for less text when adding content to a slide.
  • Use the 50% Rule - cut half of your content in the slide deck.


Examine examples of well-designed slide decks.

  • Identify what elements make them that way.
  • Explore the use of color and images that support the design.
  • This will bring to light the of the nuances of quality design.


Test out new features and tools of your preferred presentation software.

  • Try out tools without worrying about if it is right or wrong.
  • Investigate how the tools can make it easier to apply quality design.
  • Determine what tool applications deter from good design.

Slide Design Articles

Next Steps:

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