You are a Novice slide designer

You are new to slide design and its principles.

Your Current Skill Set

You are just starting out on your slide design journey. It may seem like a daunting road ahead and a bit overwhelming. 

However, understanding the basics will help you communicate your message more clearly and be better at connecting with your audience.

Ways to Level Up


Focus on the learning the fundamentals of slide design.

  • It is important to achieve a balance between text and images.
  • Always opt for less text when adding content to a slide.
  • Use the 50% Rule - cut half of your content in the slide deck.


Learn the basic tools of your preferred presentation software.

  • Learn how to modify fonts, backgrounds, and color schemes.
  • Review the default slide layouts and how to add content to each layout.
  • Examine how slides look by practicing in Presentation Mode.


Don’t focus on what you can’t do at the moment.

  • Remember less is more when it comes to design.
  • Keeping your slide design simple is often better.
  • Slides should support your message not replace it.

Slide Design Articles

To start learning new skills immediately, consult these recommended video articles.

Next Steps:

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