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5 AI Presentation Tools You Need to Try

Tired and frustrated with how long it takes to create a slide deck?

Here are five AI presentation tools you can use save time.


Using an add-on to Google Slides it generates slides based on text you provide.

It has three pricing plans.

A free basic account. That is limited to 3 presentations a month and a 2500 character limit per presentation

Pro for $100.00 a year or $10 per month when billy monthly

It includes

10 Presentations permonth

6000 Character Input limit per Presentation

Document Upload (Coming soon)

And Premium for $190.00 a year or $20 per month

It includes

Unlimited Presentations

12000 Character Input limit per Presentation

Document Upload (Coming soon)

The are actively working on a PowerPoint add-on.

Presentations.ai claiming to be the ChatGPT for Presentations

is till in beta and free to try as of this recordinng.

The free version includes

Unlimited decks
Share and publish anywhere
Brand themes
Team collaboration
Seamless sharing
Limited AI credits

the PRO version is $399 or up to 10 users per year and includes

Early access - no queue
Pro templates
Custom fonts and colors
Export to PDF
Additional AI credits

Like ChatGPT you enter a prompt

and the engine generates a slide deck.


At the time of recording is free to use.

Powered by OpenAI’s GPT-3

You enter a presentation title and slides will be generated

You can then download the slide deck and edit in your preferred presentation app.

It also has the ability to generate ideas

and specific prompts for developing a pitch deck


touting to be an intuitive, AI-powered storytelling tool that helps you unlock your best work

you type a prompt into the prompt bar and it will generate an entire narrative in seconds.

It has three pricing plans

Free which includes

Unlimited for individuals

and 500 AI credits upon sign-up

Pro for $8

Per person/month billed annually

or $10 billed monthly

Tome Unlimited

Unlimited creation for individuals and workspaces

Unlimited AI compute credits

Export to PDF

Removal of Tome branding

Custom logos

Priority support

Enterprise which is priced according to a company's needs

Include everything in Pro

plus Custom tile integrations

and White-glove template setup

plus more features coming soon


Decktopus boldly claims to be the

World's #1 AI-Powered Presentation Generator

It is web-based

and has three plans

Pro AI is $4.99 per month per year for one user

this includes unlimited number of presentations and storage,

750 AI credits per month to use for AI features

Folder creation, analytics,

and has premium templates and unbranded PDF export.

Business AI is $29.99 per user per month for one year.

also includes unlimited number of presentation and storage,

provides 1000 AI credits per user to use for AI features.

allows Custom domain connection

Brand colors & fonts and

Footer notes & logos

Finally, the

Free Forever account

includes unlimited number of presentation and storage

along with 100 AI credits to use for AI features.

These presentations exported to pdf will be branded with the Decktopus logo

As the AI race heats up look for continual features updates from all of these platforms.

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